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Tibetan Yaks

Tibetan yaks have returned to WoodsEdge!

In the 90's we used to raise Tibetan Yak and are pleased to announce they are back at WoodsEdge! Domesticated, full blood yaks (bos grunniens or the grunting ox) are known to be a cross between the wild yak (bos mutus) and various local domestic cattle breeds surrounding the Himalayan Mountains. They have been domesticated for thousands of years and have served as the primary mode of transporting goods through the mountains of Tibet, Nepal, and the surrounding mountainous region. See our Leading Edge news article, "The Yak Are Back!"

Tibetan Yaks
Photo Credit: Chewbacca owned by Mike Schwartz of Turkey Hill Yaks

Chewbacca epitomizes what we look for in our Tibetan Yak wooly breeding program!


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Photographer: Jennifer Clark